Friday, July 15, 2011

I. Running For Our Lives

In February 2010, my daughter and I fled the United States of America. On that day, along with other material, I gave to Immigration Agents a handwritten letter explaining that because of the level of government persecution that we had endured for 4+ years in the United States of America (and the large number of government officials involved in our personal situation) that I felt we would "never be allowed safety, security, privacy, emotional well-being or justice."

We had been deprived of our Human Rights, Constitutional Rights, State Rights, and even the Judicial Code of Conduct had been violated repeatedly in our case, and for several years. The repercussions to the agencies involved when we fled the United States, was too large and therefore the persecution of my family and me would only continue. Since we left the United States the government has further proved this to be a true statement.

We arrived at the border with only one suitcase each, unprepared but hopeful, toting 6+ file boxes of evidence and supporting documentation, tapes, pictures, videos, etc. of the plight we had been through. We had been relentlessly persecuted, terrorized, threatened and harassed by criminals, my ex-husband's attorney, the court system, the police, and seemingly every governmental agency in the United States physically and/or through inaction.

I had contacted all of the available government agencies from the local level up to county, state, and federal levels and in various capacities about crimes against our person, property and abuse of the children. I questioned the apparent lack of help and action from the agencies and begged, sometimes desperate, for help. This had been going on for several years and as we continued to reach out for help from anyone and everyone, the persecution and crimes against us only ever increased. We would be put in our place, was the message, and no one intended to do anything ever.

My family and my situation is extremely severe, and has lasted more than six years now, only ever increasing in intensity. Looking back, it's hard to believe any of us have survived it and it is even harder to believe the lack of support and help. I know we aren't alone. In fact, I personally know 3 other women with the same sinister circumstances; women who are balanced individuals, excellent parents and gifts to their children and society. They are all mothers who are givers, lovers, communicators and honest individuals. Each of us has something in common, abusive ex-husbands with personality disorders and long lists of unprosecuted crimes seemingly facilitated and covered up by the government. Somehow something very unexplained had taken place in all of our lives, something that defies all reason and logic and which has lead to queries as to if my ex husband is a CIA Informant or a Freemason from seasoned investigators in 2 countries.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2012: I am still in Canada with my daughter. My other posts have been removed. A book is currently in progress.
Synopsis: I’m a real life mom that has to take on the jobs of an investigator, attorney, social worker, therapist and police officer and find a way to secretly flee from the U.S to save one child in hopes of saving the other 2 and getting them out also. My ex-husband is a criminal into drugs and porn and the government is covering for him. Court cases are rigged and court orders falsified along with police reports that contradict all other witness accounts and documents.
December 2012 UPDATE: A link to the book: 

"THE PROJECT PART I: THE CIA INFORMANT" After 7 days online my book climbed from the bottom to the top 34K Best Sellers rank for Amazon and #72 for true crime. The book is now being heavily sabotaged (since wednesday night Jan 2, 2013), has a blogspot fake promotional site that is not Amazon's, and delays in ranking reports. My author account was also hacked showing virtually no sales. This makes me feel more motivated to finish telling this story. Thank you criminals and government, you've proved my point.

Please watch for my newest book THE PROJECT PART II which will be out mid February 2013.
THE PROJECT PART I: THE CIA INFORMANT Investigations into "The System" of crimes and abuse Carver County Corruption